1. Thinking whether the highs are worth the risk?

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  2. any takers;)

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  3. plantkitten:

    i pretend you’re here a lot 

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  4. i want this again :(

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  5. i need this top ;o

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  6. When stores close 10 minutes early after you’ve rushed to get there, pfft.

  7. Henry Krinkle - Stay
    my walking song:-)

  8. Flume - The Greatest View 



  9. Waiting for my hair to grow :(

  10. when you want to be strong..

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  11. gnarly:


    me lol


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  12. samvo:

     Alena Jascanka - VICE


  13. Does anyone actually know what you have to do when people are singing happy birthday to you.

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  14. cute.:)

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  15. YES.

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